Injection moulding

We are specialised in injection moulding of small- and medium-sized plastic articles and components (measuring from 1 mm to 10 cm) for various industrial sectors.

Automotive: connectors and components for electrical connections, mechanical components and gears.
Household appliances: Precision components and aesthetic parts for household appliances (handles, gaskets and knobs).
Gardening: transmission and aesthetic components for garden machinery and equipment.
Pharmaceutical: pill cases, jars and bottles for cosmetics and medicines, dispensers and caps.
Construction: plastic components for wood and aluminium doors and windows.
Furniture: accessories and designer objects for the home.

The most commonly used materials for injection moulding are nylon 6, nylon 6.6, PBT and acetal resin.

Our production department

  • 15 injection presses from 5 to 200 tonnes
  • 8 latest-generation electric presses

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